Apanet Smart Lighting Control System Beltway of Jedrzejow – DK 78

The APANET Green System Ltd. has now created and implemented a new system on Jedrzejow’s beltway. This Smart Lighting Control System project for the Jedrzejow’s beltway was all about the proper installation of the segment controllers connected with StreetLight.Vision control system. Echelon’s SmartServer through the supply network (PLC technology) communicates with our OLC controllers (located in the lamps) and then send signals that define the amount of power that is needed for lamps and monitor their proper behavior.

System’s greatest advantage that stands-out among the similar systems is the possibility of making automatic read-outs of the traffic level and weather conditions. This system manages to make an
automatic read out and reduce the lamps power in case of not heavy traffic and fair weather.

This particular system can help us save much money and reduce the electrical power consumption. Immediate reaction is now possible due to the instant information about any type of lighting network
malfunctions which ensure maximum safety for drivers.

The Smart Lighting Control system is an intro for the SmartGrid and SmartCity systems.

System allows on:

  • full control over all individual lamps from the control system; the operator which can manage and control lamps with just the system’s website,
  • the permanent energy audit of the whole network
  • immediate information about possible lamps or any network’s malfunctions
  • the system adapts to weather and traffic conditions by using the lamps’ full power if it is needed
  • counting the uptime of individual lamps and planing the light sources exchange (automatically we make savings).

The APANET Green System Ltd. is a technological company that specializes in Smart Lighting Control Systems. To produce devices and the systems’ integration we use from our longstanding experience and
involvement in the business. In our installations we mainly use the well-known LonWorks open standard, which makes our systems compatible with a great amount of similarities to other systems.


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LonWorks is a worldwide automation and control standard for distributed systems developed by an American company Echelon. For communication it utilizes the standard LonTalk protocol which allows LonWorks devices from various manufacturers to communicate smoothly.