News - 14.01.2016

Strong start to the new year – Apanet company’s press conference at the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Today, on the press conference at the Stock Exchange in Warsaw, we had the pleasure to present assumptions of our authorial project of streetlighting control. With the participation of our business partners – American company Echelon, listed on NASDAQ, Streetlight Vision, the software provider from Paris and LonMark International, spreading multi-vendor solutions – we have presented to journalists and the other guests advantages of the open system idea. The participants had the opportunity to acquainted with our flagship project of Bydgoszcz, which completion we have reported in October, last year. The meeting was also an opportunity to tell about other projects, implemented under the cooperation with our foreign business partners.


Presentation – Apanet

Presentation – Streetlight.Vision

Presentation – LonMark International

Presentation – Echelon


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LonWorks is a worldwide automation and control standard for distributed systems developed by an American company Echelon. For communication it utilizes the standard LonTalk protocol which allows LonWorks devices from various manufacturers to communicate smoothly.