News - 04.01.2013

SOWA Programmed Launched

The National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFEP&WM) acting as the National Green Investment Scheme operator has announced the SOWA program – Energy Efficient Street Lighting. The program is a part of priority scheme called GIS – Green Investment Scheme which was designed to support and co-fund green projects.

We encourage all the representatives of municipalities to familiarize themselves with the program documentation as it is possible to obtain a 45% of a project value grant-in-aid and a 55% subsidized loan for modernization of street lighting installations along with smart lighting control. The program budget is 356M PLN.

The program’s big advantage is the possibility to receive both a grant-in-aid and a loan for the modernization of lighting infrastructures owned by energy companies as long as the municipalities sign an installation lease agreement for minimum 5 years. Program participants have to achieve 40% CO2 emission reduction. This requirement actually forces the use of smart lighting control as opposed to archaic centralised power reduction solutions involving voltage reduction across the entire power network.

Certainly the SOWA program will additionally accelerate the development of the entire industry.

More information about the program:—gis/programy-priorytetowe#sowa—gis/konkursy/i-konkurs-sowa/


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