News - 14.12.2012

Smart Street Lighting Control System – Motorway A4 Debica – Rzeszow.

In cooperation with Budimex PLC APANET Green System Ltd successfully completed installation of smart street lighting control system on the A4 motorway stretch Debica – Rzeszow. This is yet another example of a fast and efficient motorway project implementation. Thanks to excellent cooperation with all project participants we managed to achieve another success.

When implementing the project apart from the GLC devices one of the most sophisticated lighting control IT systems in the World (StreetLight.Vision) was utilised.

Thanks to our systems GDDKiA already makes significant savings while emitting less CO2 into the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, we were unable to dissuade the investor from installing the outdated hybrid ballasts. At the full power reduction they show unacceptable low power factor at the level of 0.48 which significantly reduces savings generated by the system. We believe that the measurement data analysis will convince future investors to use more advanced equipment.


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LonWorks is a worldwide automation and control standard for distributed systems developed by an American company Echelon. For communication it utilizes the standard LonTalk protocol which allows LonWorks devices from various manufacturers to communicate smoothly.