News - 02.09.2015

Smart Lighting Control System of APANET on the A1 motorway, Sośnica – Maciejów


A consortium led by APANET Green System Ltd. signed a contract with GDDKiA for the design and launch of road lighting system on A1 motorway Sośnica- Maciejów.

The most important in this project is openness and interoperability of lighting control system. Includes modernization of the 800 points of light and equipping them with properly functioning control system.

Partner of the consortium is the PIU Wereszczyński company with its very large experience in the electricity and installation.


Solutions lonworks street lights




LonWorks is a worldwide automation and control standard for distributed systems developed by an American company Echelon. For communication it utilizes the standard LonTalk protocol which allows LonWorks devices from various manufacturers to communicate smoothly.