News - 27.07.2011

Cooperation With CDE

APANET Green System Ltd has just signed a cooperation agreement with the Energy Advice Centre Ltd (CDE). CDE offers consulting services relating to the energy market and electricity consumption rationalization. CDE clients consist of individual customers, businesses as well as local governments.

Even though the CDE’s scope of offered services is very wide the cooperation with APANET Green system will allow to expand it further. APANET is able to offer flexible electronic solutions tailored to the customers’ needs. CDE knows and can identify those needs very easily as it is in constant contact with the customers in many market segments related to the modern and greener energy.


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LonWorks is a worldwide automation and control standard for distributed systems developed by an American company Echelon. For communication it utilizes the standard LonTalk protocol which allows LonWorks devices from various manufacturers to communicate smoothly.